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Thread: Cannot open or uninstall DTLite4356-0091!!!! win 7

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    Default Cannot open or uninstall DTLite4356-0091!!!! win 7

    This is getting very VERY frustrating! I have been using this version of dtlite on my win 7 build since 2011.
    It hasn't been used a quite a while and of course I tried it several days ago and get the error: core library wasn't found.
    Then I tried to uninstall, hmmmm not even listed in add/remove programs. Then I went to the programs x86 folder and tried
    to uninstall from there and get error: 1. And I tried to just reinstall but get similar results. I searched all over to find an answer
    to no avail.
    PLEASE help with this major problem.

    windows 7 x64
    intel core i5
    gtx 560 ti
    asus saber p67
    dtlite 4356-0091
    Sptd 1.62

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    use DTCleaner for DT software removing -
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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