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Thread: Converting circle stick input to a square

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    Default Converting circle stick input to a square

    Good day,

    I'm in love with ReWASD so far, it's great! I really hope for more features in the future to rival Steam's configurations. The feature I really want above all is the ability for thumb sticks to reach full range on the diagonals via a "squaring" method. Most people would say increasing stick sensitivity will allow you to do that, but this will create deadzones on the horizontal and vertical, because you are just making a bigger circle. It might be good enough, but not ideal. Circle to square transformation I'm presenting doesn't lose precision or create deadzones. I use this method for playing Rocket League, where having full range on the diagonals is super helpful but you don't want to sacrifice precision for it.

    This is a blog entry by Renaud Bédard about converting circle stick input to a square (attempt #5)
    Someone took his code and put in the Durazno XInput Wrapper. The end result looks like this

    I would do anything to see this feature incorporated in ReWASD. If this is something you could consider it would mean so much to me. A lot of Rocket League players would definitely consider checking out the program if they knew it could do this.
    Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for your detailed post and links. Actually, we are thinking about this feature for pretty long time and hope to add it to one of the next reWASD versions. Not sure which one, but someday square stick zones will be available for sure.


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