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    Ok, I have an iso of medal of honor spearhead, i Mounted using Daemon Tools Checked Safedisc, then the setup for spearhead came up now when im installing it gets to 50% and it asks for the next disk containing a, there is only one disk for the game and that disk has that file on it, no matter whati do, i tried pressing ok it continues asking for the disk i have to cancel and it doesnt complete, now i know spearhead is safedisk v2.80.010 protected, is there any unwrapper or anything??

    What can i do to get it installed i tried burning to a cd it just does the same i used alcohol to do it is there anything special u need to do in order for it to work???

    any help would be appreciated thx

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    Ok, I have an iso
    Why do you have an iso? If you downloaded it, go away and never return!

    Obviously, the ORIGINAL must have two cds (if you downloaded it, someone probably did a shitty job of packing the two cds into one iso).

    If you do have the original, re-image it using alcohol 120% or ********. Check for the protection, and then use that profile in alcohol.

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    ok thanx for that, I made the iso from an original spearhead cd (there is only one cd) i just thought id back it up to see if it works.

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    Interesting, what program creates *.iso extension during dump?


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