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Thread: Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25023

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    Default Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25023

    Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25023

    error as stated in the title, during install of daemon tools 3.29.
    occurs when the progress bar reaches the end.
    older versions 3.26 and 3.23 do the same thing.
    I was using an older version (early 3) that
    was working fine before.

    OS: windows XP sp1 (japanese)

    after clicking "OK" it rollsback the
    installer and quits.

    windows installer (msiexec.exe) is

    burnsoftware installed is clonecd and nero.

    there are 3 cd/dvd drives on the ide channels
    and a striped raid on the D: for the main
    operating system partition (C: is not used)

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    Default fixed...

    well, it seems a lot of my settings in the environment
    were still pointing to c: when they should have been
    pointing to d:, so fixing those fixed the installation.

    but in any case, if anyone else has this problem
    there's the solution.

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    25023 means setup could not create temp file in the TEMP folder. Seems indeed problem with environment variables.


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