Hey there!

It is not a secret that reWASD team doesn't stop working to bring new versions to you. But since today we can't keep silent about amazing features that are coming pretty soon.

The first and the biggest thing is Activators. Activator describes how the button was pressed. In the current reWASD version, you can add mappings or combos for the normal button press. From the next version, you will be able to add 5x more mappings that will be activated when you tap the button twice or thrice; when you tap and hold it, or when you slightly touch the button and — vice versa — when the button is released.

The second big thing is about Shift mode. Right now, the button that works as Shift can't be used for mappings. The next release will bring this opportunity for those who wanted it The most common case about how to use such Shift modifier is the following: let's say that you use trigger to enter the sniper mode. While you are aiming, it would be great if stick moves slowly, much slower than in normal mode. How to make it? Use the trigger as a Shift modifier and decrease the mouse sensitivity for the stick inside the Shift. While you hold the trigger — the mouse moves slowly. All other mappings remain the same.

And one more novelty: Toggle Shift. Using this one, you won't need to press and hold the Shift modifier to enter the Shift mode. Just press the button once — and you have a new set of mappings. Press it the second time — you are back to the main configuration.

In addition to the functional changes, we are working on GUI optimization. The next version will be faster, stronger and higher

Stay tuned. The next version will be available at the end of July!