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Thread: Duplicate configs and associated apps

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    Default Duplicate configs and associated apps

    Hello guys! Thanks for the new forum! I think reWASD is by far the best controller remap software out there and I'm really satisfied! But since you guys seems to want suggesting to make it even better, here my two cents

    In my case, I always use the same remap for the paddles (I like to use the paddles for things like taking screenshots, screen overlays like After Burner, etc), so it would be really handy to have a "duplicate" option, something like the example attached.

    And about the associated apps, I notice that it's common for games to use the same exe filename, such as "game.exe", or "Launcher.exe", and I can only add one filename... It would be possible to use the full path instead of just the name? Like:


    Thank's guys!
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    Hello and welcome Thanks for sharing the ideas. "Duplicate" option is already in our to-do list. I think it will appear in the reWASD 3.2 (not the one that is coming this month, because it is already over-packed with new features but pretty soon too).

    As for associated apps, we will continue our investigation. Thanks for reporting this issue. We'll think how to solve it better.


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