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Thread: DaemonScript Problem--Windows Compatability Mode

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    Default DaemonScript Problem--Windows Compatability Mode

    Operating System: WinXP Pro SP2
    Burning Software: Nero 6.6
    Anti-virus Software: Avast 4.5
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    I am trying to run scripts for children's games (seems like a popular use of DaemonScript) and I am having a problem with one area. Some of the older games insist on being run in 640 X 480, 256 colors. When I tick these options in the shortcut properties> compatability tab, it changes the options for all the software that have DaemonScript association and for DaemonScript itself. I can see why this is happening, because all the shortcuts have the same executable association, but I haven't been able to think of a workaround for this. If anyone has any suggestions for this problem, please pass it on.

    Leaving the options ticked for all the games is an option, but it loads the settings twice, due to DaemonScript and the game(s) being loaded with the compatability settings. The monitor changes resolution and color depth twice and it causes a long delay to start the software.


    btw- awesome software- DaemonTools and DaemonScript. Thanks for providing great software.

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    Why don't you check out QRes from Its a scriptable command line program.


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