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Thread: Help with BACKING up Hitman....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg
    I personally don't count on new hardware able to backup physical structure of f.e. SecuromV4.x
    I'm inclined to agree, particularly since it's unlikely that the special media on which securom is recorded probably will ever be made available publicly.

    Regrettably, for the forseeable future, I think we'll be stuck with mimicry through twinpeak (at least until it the guard module is updated to detect twin sectors without causing problems with running the originals; hasn't happened yet but, no doubt will in the not too distant future)
    some alternative but not yet developed method of imitating the physical structure, and emulation (which, no doubt, will also be blacklisted, just like alcohol's and dt's virtual drives, whenever possible).

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    But there already is a better alternative, RMPS... The major advantage is the emulation that happens between the drive and the copy protection module. So it is not the hardware (i.e. CDR) that will be blacklisted but the software (i.e. Alc/DT) which can easily be updated to pass the blacklist check...

    'Course you have to update your progs regularly, but face it, you will not be able to make proper copies so you will always have to fiddle with software to make it work - so these blacklists are unavoidable. But still, better blacklisted software than hardware... Software updates are free, hardware updates ain't.

    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    Default Nero Ultra

    just an update for this older thread, i successfully burned a BU of Hitman w/ the new Nero Ultra (nero 6).

    simply used the express method, and got a perf 1:1.

    side note - also made a perf 1:1 Deus Ex GOTYE

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    Nero isn't able to catch up with the "hard" protections.

    iirc, Deus EX isn't protected

    Hitman 1 is protected by SafeDisk 2.05, which is obviuosly not a problem at all for most backup-utilities

    Those Games are no real competition. Try one of the Games that are protected by more advanced protections

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    Default agreed...

    hey LocutusofBorg, lol didn't realize DE was unprotected!!! when i burned w/ clone or old nero, i still needed a no-cd exe... useless in other words. same w/ hitman 1. useless copies.

    i agree about the nero comment... i dunno if they will ever get their stuff together. LOL

    as for a n00b to this forum, i have seen alot of success stories using alchohol 120.

    i have been sold!!! clone and nero are just this day begining to collect dust on me HD... LOL as above mentioned about the 1:1's of deus and hitman just goes to prove what alchohol is capable of.

    made a perf image w/ alchohol of GTA:VC and will next be trying ETMatrix. heh, now just to order that sweet liteon

    or is there much betterї? (and for that price?!?!!... unbelievable!!! $64???).

    thX for the line, LocutusofBorg.


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    Yes, indeed Nero isn't capable of handling protected CD's very well - but to do so isn't goal of Nero Development Team.

    It's in first case a premastering software, developed with the goal to create own CD's (unlike f.e. CloneCD, which is a program developed to make working backups of protected CD's)

    What concerns Alcohol, this program is able to copy nearly every protection.

    My personal(!) opinion to LiteOn burners? I own 2, both work well, what should I say more about? For me (!) LiteOn and Plextor-burners are still the best, but that's only my 2c

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    but to do so isn't goal of Nero Development Team.
    ahh, my bad... LOL so wraped up in trying to BU my gta:vc and matrix, almost forgot what nero stands for... yes, no coasters from them for data etc. compilations.

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