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Thread: Help with BACKING up Hitman....

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    Default Help with BACKING up Hitman....

    I need help backing up hitman 2. I got a new liteon 48246 S burner yesterday. I have backed up all my other games perfectly. Is this game not burnable??? Please help if you can give me some info. Thank

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    Also............should i update my firmware for my burner.

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    Hitman is backed up by SecuROM v4.83.11.0026. Therefore, you will not be able to make a burnable copy. Of course, you can use the twin peaks method in blindwrite, although this may not work...

    You could also try, which I recommend, downloading the latest alcohol 120%. Then burn the cd and make 'burn rmps info' is checked. Then, enable RMPS emulation in daemon-tools, and you will be able to play your game. You must have Daemon-Tools running with this emulation enabled though...

    Hope this helps 8)

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    how do i use twin peaks in blindwrite and where is it

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    You'll need the latest version of Alcohol to use RMPS. Blindwrite's Twinpeaks method is weak, i.e. can (and eventually will, i think) be blacklisted somewhen in the near future.

    I recommend you to download Alcohol 120% ( and copy your disc with that software. It'll most certainly work.

    Guides on how to use Alcohol can be found on in the FAQ section - have a look at the RMPS Walkthrough, it's a step-by-step guide on how to read and write the CD with RMPS enabled.

    hope this helps...

    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    Thank You so much......when do you think it will be possible to burn 1:1 backups for securerom 4.x. thank you.

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    Well, a few of us were discussing it the other day. Basically, securom, and other protections, mess with the physical structure of the cd, and change the depth of pits and flats. Today's burners cannot physically do this. But maybe in a year or less (or more)
    burners will come out.

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    It would be very nice to have burners that can write black-cds(without spiral-track). I don't know if this will be possible. Actual burners reach the MAX speeds (52x is the max at all, 56x is very hard to reach).
    Will optical storage companies continue to develop CD-RW drives, adding the ability to write black-cds(without spiral-track)
    or will they stop developing CD-RW tecnology and start DVD-RW tecnology?

    I hope the first chance

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    I don't think cd's are going away any time soon. DVD's did not 'take-off' as quickly as was anticipated.

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    DVD's did take-off, but obviously preferred in the Movie-Section

    I think it's only a matter of time when more and more Publishers prefer to sold Games on DVD as costs for mastering / stamper rising and some new technology always offer new and better possibilities to protect (f.e. a dual layer dvd can't be copied to a dvd-/+r(w) 1:1)

    What concerns the "black" cd-r's - to my knowledge it's not possible to burn such discs with common recorders, obviously they lose tracking, this isn't an easy task. Only very special hardware is able to write on discs without the pre-wobble (mastering laserbeamers) and I doubt that they will be ever available (too expensive, because special ic's and optic is needed - that's the reason why existing hardware relies on prestamped structure)

    Yamaha's CRW-F1 is able to alter the speed (which is btw not a new invention by yamaha - it's been specified on ecma130 that writespeeds can be altered) and is atm the only writer able to do that, but ONLY for whole disc. It should however theoretically possible to "upgrade" other writers with a new firmware to do the same - no easy task, but theoretically possible. But to change the writespeed during frames/sectors is a much more difficult thing, again, I doubt we ever see such a hardware-based solution, but it's only guess. I personally don't count on new hardware able to backup physical structure of f.e. SecuromV4.x

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