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Thread: Unmounting All Drives

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    Default Unmounting All Drives

    Operating System: XP SP2
    Burning Software: nero6
    Anti-virus Software: nod32
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    I would like to be able to unmount all drives at once via either the command line switches or something like daemon script. I know I can unmount each drive individually, but that does not work for me if I don't know the current number of virtual drives. There is an unmount all feature in d-tools when you click on the tray icon, so if the feature does not exsist I know it is not hard to implement. This would be a HUGE help to me if anyone knows how to do this, or if it could be added to the next version. Thank you.

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    Operating System: _
    Burning Software: _
    Anti-virus Software: _
    DAEMON Tools Version: _

    You can use BTEWin; the command is:

    unmount *

    If you want to use it directly from the command line:

    bteexec.exe --cmd unmount *


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