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Thread: DaemonTools without Copy Protection Emulation

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    Default DaemonTools without Copy Protection Emulation

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    due to the new German laws, any program that could help to bypass
    a copy protection will be illegal.
    This woul probalby include Daemon Tools as well.

    But its functionality even without this feature is still outstanding.

    Is there any possiblity to publish a "lite" version without these features (the emulation) to stay legal in Germany?

    best regards


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    Hello Brigitte,

    according to our lawyers (and that of several big german magazines),
    Daemon Tools isn't illegal even in germany.

    It IS allowed to bypass a software-copyprotection, the actual german
    law is related to audio- and video-cd's/dvd's only, which, by the nature
    of it's design, isn't on DT - Level but on hardware-level (read: when you
    READ the cd (what Daemon Tools doesn't offer anyway))

    You can easily proof this for yourself, a well-known big german magazine
    will release on it's next magazin-cd our Daemon Tools (of course in a special
    version, where links in manual are removed because of above mentioned

    Also you can even buy a german Alcohol120% version in german stores
    (box-version), which is unable to perform a backup of protected audio and
    videodisks (whereas movie-dvd's can't be copied even in international

    To make a long story short:
    You have the rights to bypass a software-protection, you can easily
    google for yourself or visit wellknown german magazine-sites,
    if I remember correct, even ct' (also german magazine) reported about
    the current situation a few month ago.

    You have NOT the right to make a backup of:
    protected DVD-Movies (CSS-protection)
    protected Audio-CD's (various methods, f.e. Cactus DataShield and similar protections)

    You can use our international version of Daemon Tools even in germany
    or use special version to be found soon on german magazine (Chip)
    Maybe some day laws in germany are even worser and you as customer
    have one day NO rights at all. All german users should use their voice
    and let politicans know what you think! If - and only if! the day would
    come where backups of software (and yes, atm Games are software, too!)
    are illegal in germany, we will release special-version where emulation-parts
    are deactivated

    As a sidenote, I want to add that we ALSO doesn't want to support
    piracy, we're authors, too and think that good software should be payed
    for. And believe me: I ban and kick everyone who cares a shit about our

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    but i want to make a copy so i can play track mania sunrise without the original cd.
    is this legal or illegal in german
    and ps when comes the magazine with the deamon tool?
    thx skillless

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    this thread is already one year old The magazine is out
    since ages.

    No, the law did not change in the meantime, you're still
    allowed to make one (1) backup-copy of computersoftware.
    Even in germany.

    To create such backup, you need of course also a good backup-
    solution, I recommend Alcohol120% in this case.

    Just visit their website:

    Good luck (they have an own support-forum there!)

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    But, can i still play the game with the backup or can i play the game when i burn the iso-backup on a CD?

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    trackmania sunrise is a starforce protected game. You need to know how to create a proper image (use alcohol, as locutus already said) and how to get past the blacklisting of the scsi drivers (this is not circumventing the copyprotection).

    there are several threads about starforce in this forum, so try the search function and you will find many things on that.


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