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Thread: Ps4 controller remapping problem

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    Default Ps4 controller remapping problem

    I want to be able to aim and shoot using L1(aim) and R1(shoot). The default is L2(aim) and R2(shoot).
    When I switch them:
    original / remapping
    L1 ----------> L2 (works)
    R1 ----------> R2 (works)
    L2 ----------> L1 (not working)
    R2 ----------> R1 (not working)

    After switching them, I cannot shoot and aim. I only tried this on Fortnite.

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    DualShock gamepads have tricky design. Triggers (R2 and L2) work not only as analog controls like for other gamepads, but as a digital buttons too. Those digital buttons signal can't be emulated. That is why in some cases you can't emulate the native DualShock trigger in games. Unfortunately, we have no solution for this case. You can use L2 as L1, but not vice versa.

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    Hey there! After long research, we found how to solve this problem.

    Please update your reWASD. With the new version, you can remap DS4 triggers without any issues. And many more

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