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Thread: Purchased a license, now it says I only had a trial period.

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    Default Purchased a license, now it says I only had a trial period.

    I can provide whatever proof needed. The purchase email from paypal. The actual purchase ON paypal. Whatever that's needed. I was given no timeline for when a license would run out. I bought a $6.00 license and now it says I have to re-buy?? Is there something to this as it's only a limited time to try and get more money out of people or is this a mistake?

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    Hello! It looks like the total mistake. Once you have finished the purchase, you should have got a mail from us with the serial key. You need to enter this key in reWASD. If you get the offer screen that notifies you about the end of the trial, please click "Buy" button there and ignore the link to the cart that will be opened. The offer window will change and you will see the serial key input. If you haven't got the message, please check the Spam folder. Also, your serial number is safely stored in Using the mail you have entered during the purchase, you can log in and check your license. If you still have any issues, please contact us using the online form ( and send your email address used for the purchase so we can check it from our side.


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