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Thread: "Turbo" with gamepad buttons only?

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    Default "Turbo" with gamepad buttons only?

    Apparently the program does not allow one to simply toggle Turbo onto a gamepad button. Instead, it uses an absolutely incomprehensible explanation and requires mapping a keyboard or mouse function before being allowed to use Turbo.

    Is there a way to do this? If not, could you simply make it so we can?

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    Hello! Turbo & Toggle functions work for keyboard keys or mouse clicks only. But it is easy to make a turbo button you need. Go to in-game settings and check which keyboard keys works the same as the needed button (does the same action). Then, in reWASD, unmap the button and map that keyboard key to this button and enable Turbo. It will work just like you need.

    We do think about Turbo for the native gamepad buttons, but I can't promise that this feature will be added to reWASD soon. Still, stay tuned. There is nothing impossible with reWASD


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