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Thread: 25057 But never installed DT before. Could it be RAID?

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    Default 25057 But never installed DT before. Could it be RAID?

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Burning Software: Nero
    Anti-virus Software: Norton 2004
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    This is a new machine that has never had Daemon Tools installed on it before. My computer is somewhat unique in that it is running RAID, and before I was running RAID, I had 3.47 successfully installed on the same hardware configuration that I have now.

    Could this be the reason? The RAID I'm running is the one for the NForce3 chipset on my mobo, and the drivers are up-to-date, if that helps.

    Specifics: 25057 (0x61E1), 2 (0x2)

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    Try to change option in boot.ini -> NoExecute=OptIn to NoExecute=AlwaysOff and report if it works.
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    This worked!! Please tell me, what does this option do in boot.ini??


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