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Thread: Three gamepad buttons pressed at the same time to perform one action

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    Default Three gamepad buttons pressed at the same time to perform one action

    I would like to know if it is posible to assign a three buttons combination to do one action.
    Some old games emulators use a combination of keys to save/load states. For example Alt key + a number. I'm trying to do this: Pressing gamepad Left Shoulder button + Right Shoulder button + Start button to get Alt+6.
    I've downloaded the free version or ReWASD and could not do that. Before buying the complete pack I would like to know if it is possible to do that.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hello! Unfortunately, the current reWASD version doesn't allow you to do so. But this thing is in our development plan and one day will appear in reWASD for sure
    Right now, you can use the combination of two buttons (with Shift) to assign a mapping to. Let's say you choose Left shoulder as a Shift modifier and add "Alt+6" combo to Start button inside this Shift. To activate "Save", you need to press both these buttons simultaneously. You may use another activator for Start button. For example, you can choose "Double press" activator and then, to activate "Save", you will need to press and hold left bumper while tap Start button twice.
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    Also, you may use another trick. Choose left bumper as a Shift modifier. Inside this Shift, map Alt to Right bumper and map 6 to Start. Once you press them all together, you should get Alt+6.

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    Hey there!

    Today, we have released reWASD 4.0. With the new version, you can create a shortcut out of controller buttons, and seems that your case is solved now Will be grateful if you try it!


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