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Thread: Hard Disk crash after installing Daemon Tolls?

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    Default Hard Disk crash after installing Daemon Tolls?

    Operating System: XP, SP2
    Burning Software: unknown, Nero?
    Anti-virus Software: none
    DAEMON Tools Version: latest from Chip website (

    I installed Daemon Tools yesterday, the installation routine ended with a shutdown of my PC. After reboot and pressing F8, chosing Safe Mode, the screen stays black, no further signs of activity. Starting from a CD-ROM with DOS and selecting C:\ ist says drive no ready, same with D:\ which used to be my second hard disk.
    Any idea what to do?
    Thank you!
    Peter H.

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    Did you try to turn your computer off and on again? Some hdds are not re-detected on BIOS level after BSOD/crash.
    If you get it working, check thread about how to boot into safe mode in common problems and solutions forum (press ESC when prompted). Rename/delete Daemon Tools drivers, and check for minidump related to the crash -> send newest file to with reference to this thread.
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    I did turn it on and off again. The BIOS is set to autodetect the hard disks and doesn't seem to recognize the disks. How can I let the BIOS detect them manually?

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    I assume that the drives are standard IDE disks..?

    What is your current bus configuration, for example first hard disk as the primary master, CD-ROM as primary slave, second hard disk as secondary master? If you haven't yet, plug the hard disks to different cables, sometimes when a "master" fails it causes the "slave" to disappear even though it works fine.

    Note that if the drives are formatted with NTFS (default with Windows XP) you won't be able to see them from DOS boot CD without special drivers. Try booting from your Windows XP CD (Recovery console) instead.

    You can enter manual settings in BIOS by choosing "user" as drive type instead of "auto". But if "auto" won't detect them something is misconfigured or broken for sure.

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    Default Master bott record corrupt

    I was wrong with the BIOS: after resetting to normal values nothing changed, the PC hang right after the F8 screen, where I could change to Safe Mode or Normal Windows mode.
    Therefor I restarted with a XP installation disk, then chosing the recovery console I ended up at the DOS prompt. I 'fixed' the MBR (fixmbr) and then did a FIXFBOOT and after that the PC started normally again, although extremely slow. I then wanted to uninstall the Daemon Tools, they were not listed in the System->Software panel, neither in the Start menu->Programs, so I probably have to delete it manually. According to the Daemon Tools Help File I have to delete an entry in the hardware manager (PnP-BIOS...), is that correct?

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    Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.
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