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Thread: [Elite Controller] Analog Deadzone/Diagonal Customization

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    Beitrag [Elite Controller] Analog Deadzone/Diagonal Customization

    Hello! I'm new to your product, but I'm absolutely loving it... It's really fantastic and is exactly what I wanted from the crappy Xbox Accessories app. I tried it out for 15 minutes and purchased the full version.

    My suggestion is:

    Currently, going to "Advanced Settings" on either analog stick allows for you to customize the "vertical" and "horizontal" zones for input. However, there are situations in-game where I would like to set the diagonals to zero or separate.

    E.g.: Setting to a WASD layout, unmapping the gamepad gives the analog control showing A, A+W, W, W+D, D, D+S, S, S+A. By default, these are all the same distance apart. It appears that going "diagonally down and to the left" will cause game movement to be picked up as "S" alone if 8-directional movement isn't possible.

    Therefore, I would like to modify each of the zones to minimize the effect of 3/8ths of my analog being interpreted as a "S, downward movement." In addition to modifying, I would like to be able to set which combination occurs:

    E.g.: A+W may interpret as A-only in a game. Let me choose to have this set as W+A instead (if I would prefer "W" to be primary).

    Thank you again. Hopefully this post makes sense?

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    Thank you for the suggestion, but can you describe more detailed what do you mean to be on the same page.
    Axis range shows the zone in which Vertical or Horizontal Stick direction. The thinner it is, the bigger zone will activate "Up + Left" and so on mappings. So, maybe you can provide some workflow where your suggestion would apply?

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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    Please note that I have confirmed:

    When the input for diagonal is # +&, the # is sent as the primary target. I would prefer to be able to set which is primary each time. Is this possible?

    Again, my left-hand diagonals are currently (A +W and S +A), but I would like to set them as (A +W and A +S).

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