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Thread: SecuRom 7 sucks

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    Default SecuRom 7 sucks

    I've recently acquired Rockman X8 for PC, and when I tired to run it it said:

    Wrong Disc Inserted
    Please insert the original "Capcom$RockmanX8$03/01.2005" CD/DVD

    I scanned it and came up with:

    [19:47:24 PM] SecuROM detected -> D:\Games\CAPCOM\ROCKMANX8\ROCKMANX8\ROCKMANX8.exe
    [19:47:24 PM] --- File(s) Scan Finished [2.67s] ---

    I have tried all the blacklist things on these forums, but nothing has worked.

    Help me please.

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    Hi LordDave,

    is this the original disc you are running?
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    No, an emulated copy

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    Right. Did you create the image with Alcohol 120%? AFAIK this would be the easiest program for a task like this.
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    Yes I did

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    just got stronghold 2 today, securom 7 detected, tried latest blindwrite as well as alcohol, none worked, reason: it won't run anything that is NOT a PHYSICAL CD DRIVE, that is, it will rule out DVD drive if a CD drive exists.

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    ...from CD Club Freaks Forum...

    You can make a working Copy With NEWEST: Blindwrite and of Course...TATA
    Alcohol 120%, now you can make a DPM/RMPS on DVD'S !!!!!
    Put the images in Daemon Tools and it will run.

    To get passed the "emulator detected" crap, open up your registry, go to


    right click it, deny Administrator read access, this disables Blacklisting of Securom V7.

    This is how i did it, and it runs and runs and runs....


    P.S Anyone can confirm this ?

    Also Project Snowblind seems to have Securom 7...

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    yes, we CAN confirm it. It's also necessary to change the name of the
    drives (don't use default name "Generic DVD-ROM, AXV CD/DVD-ROM")
    and it should run fine even with last DT version

    As usual, I must mention that every (and especially system-related) changes / manipulations in registry is risky - it works, but it can also
    wreck the registry or in this case the MountManager. As usual: don't
    blame us, if something went wrong

    This securom version use cheap method to detect / run only from ATAPI
    drives and "dirty" other tricks. I must say, from our point of view,
    SafeDisc is MUCH more fair. It try to prevent 1:1 copys but let you
    run your originals from Image. THIS is customer care. Pirates use
    warez-versions anyway

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    you need to deny read permissions on the scsi port if you have the default d347prt too

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    indeed, I will maybe make a good overview about current possibilities
    and write them in "Common problems and solutions" forum

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