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Thread: Can't install Deamon Tools Lite in Windows 10

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    Default Can't install Deamon Tools Lite in Windows 10

    I have a paid license for Daemon Tools Lite and I can't install it on my Windows 10 Home PC.

    When I run the installer for version 10.9 , the usual message of allowing the installer to change settings pops up, but after that nothing (no pop-up, no error, no tray icon - just nothing).

    I tried to install older versions (10.8 and 10.71) and there the installer did run, but when I got to the stage of choosing the components to install, the installer just exited with no warning whatsoever (after that, I get nothing).

    with all theses attempts (the 3 installers), I rebooted twice, but nothing happens.

    I found an error similar to mine here:

    where the solution suggested was disabling the antivirus and windows defender. I tried that to no avail.

    Can anyone please help me with this annoying problem?

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    Sir, we would appreciate if you contact us, as we would like to cooperate and do some logging regarding this issue.

    Thank you in advance.
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