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Thread: Analog Stick > Advanced > Response: Custom (1 & 2?)

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    Default Analog Stick > Advanced > Response: Custom (1 & 2?)

    First of all... this program is AMAZING. Glad I purchased it Worth every penny.

    My question... I'm trying to have two profiles for AC: Odyssey. Slot 1 is to have a slower response, so my character walks in game. Slot 2 is for my character to jog (slower than vanilla full speed). With that said, it seems I can only make 1 custom response... is there a work around?

    Slot 1 = Custom Response 1
    Slot 2 = Custom Response 2

    Many Thanks,

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    Hello! Thanks for your feedback

    You can adjust stick response for each config, moreover you can set the different stick response for each Shift in the config. But please note that this setting influences only the native stick behavior (I mean when you map nothing to the stick directions) or when the mouse is mapped to the stick. If you have mapped WASD or Arrows, the stick response will be useless.

    We are going to extend this functionality for the keyboard mappings too, but this functionality will be released in one of the new versions and it not available now.


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