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Thread: Slight Tripper Press (Zone 1 only not pull pressing of Triggers)

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    Beitrag Slight Tripper Press (Zone 1 only not pull pressing of Triggers)


    The new HITMAN: Sniper Assassin DLC uses "Slight Right Trigger Press" for steady aim while zoomed with a sniper rifle, full press is shoot, which is very annoying to me because you don't know where that exact point is you need to hold the trigger pressed at and a tiny bit too much will make the rifle shoot at the wrong time.

    The game doesn't have any option to change the default controller layout (it does for keyboard/mouse though).

    Is there any way to map the "Slight Right Trigger" press to any other button?

    Otherwise I'm going to suggest this feature here, that DLC is part of the upcoming release of HITMAN™ 2 and apparently it will have the same controls.

    IIRC there's 3 zones on the triggers of the Xbox One controllers that indicate how hard a trigger is pressed, mapping a button to only press RT zone 1 would be achieving what I need here I assume.

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    Right now, you can't map the zone of the trigger to other button. But, if this option is available for the keyboard, you may try keyboard mappings:

    1. Unmap your trigger in order to prevent low trigger zone native behavior
    2. Map the key that works as fire to the trigger press
    3. Map the key that works as aim to any other button (you may need to unmap it too, I think)

    Hope it will work. Will be great to have a feedback from you!


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