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Thread: Trigger bindings on slot change

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    Default Trigger bindings on slot change

    Currently when switching slots if you already have the mapped key pressed its binding does not get triggered.

    This example applies to MapleStory 2

    I would like to create a macro that will jump and turn my character and use an attack.
    In MS2 you can use the analog stick to move in any direction so I use the default settings for that. I had the idea of when pressing the Xbox "A" button, it would switch slots in reWASD, and in that slot I'd have the analog be unmapped (So my character would stop moving.) and have each analog direction on the analog in slot 2 be mapped to jump + reverse direction + attack + direction (Note that the directions are mapped to arrow keys, and the the anolog stick takes priority over keyboard). The problem here is that when the slot is switched all the mappings you have already triggered are not re-triggered. In this case, I had the left analog stick already in a direction before switching slots. So the analog event was not triggered again. The unmapping is however triggered, so the moment i press A my character stops moving and I need to release and re-direct the joy stick.

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    Hi there! Sorry for my late reply. Here are some findings you should try to get the desired behavior:

    First, you don't need to use the second slot for such a configuration. It's better to use Shift mode for one config and one slot. Set "A" button as shift modifier and add combos for each and every direction. Seems it will be something similar to my pic below. Also, add Unmaps for the whole sticks. And I think it would be better to add Unmaps and Arrows to this stick in main configuration (Shift 0). If you want this Shift to be activated by pressing A button, you need to check "Toggle" option for the shift modifier. Then, you will be switched to the Shift 1 once you tap A button and you will be switched back once you tap the button again. If you don't check "Toggle", you should press and hold A button to activate the Shift 1 configuration. Nevertheless, you won't need to re-trigger the stick.

    Please check my findings in the game. Would be grateful for you try!

    Click image for larger version

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