I used my retail copy of LOTR Rise of the Witchking and made an image. I read that DT can get past safedisk so that I do not have to use my DVD anymore. I have the latest SPTD driver installed with reboot. The latest DT lite version. When I go to launch the game the launch screen flaashes for a moment then goes away. In the task manager it shows the process start for a couple seconds then it is gone. I have my 2 other dvd drives disabled. All that is showing is the 1 DT drive with the image mounted. I am running windows 10 pro. Everything works great when I use the retail disk. What am I missing here? Thank you very much and I am glad to finally be a part of the community. I have been strictly using Steam for trhe past 11 years. Nice to be back using DT and i see for $30 I can get access to all types of useful programs!