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Thread: A Radial Menu will be really good!

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    Idee A Radial Menu will be really good!

    Some game has many equpment to switch ,even more than 10! The DPad is not enough! It will be good if there is a radial menu such as the menu in Dishonour to swith different weapons with the right stick and a set of icons.
    just like the Big Picture Mode of Steam, there can choose a Radial Menu. it can be realized in the shift Mode. For example, When holding LB ,turn into shift one ,and there can be a radial menu setting (with the WASD,mouse,arrow.....) in the setting of right stick,we can set the Num of Icons,the Picture ,and the key of each icon(1,2,3,4......9!),we can set the location,size and diaphaneity. In game,When i hold LB,there will be a little menu at the corner.
    It will help a lot, I like the function of the Steam Big Picture ,but still I choose your software, the REWASD! So i really hope the function can be realized.
    Thank you!

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    Yes, we got lots of suggestions but don't know how to implement it into the game (using a radial menu in the software interface is possible but not soon as there are more priorities). Date release - TBA ))
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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