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Thread: Support for isobuster CUE format

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    Default Support for isobuster CUE format

    it would be nice to add support for new directives in isobuster CUE files like SESSION directive.
    currently there is no way to mount multisession images that dumped by isobuster.


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    Default CUE/BIN format

    Is there some sort of formal specification or documentation for the CUE/BIN format, or just the CUE format?

    Why is ISOBuster doing this? Is it a custom modification to the format?
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    Default CUE format

    isobuster creates a standard CUE file for every image that it dumps. isobuster adds some extra directives to the CUE file when it dumps multisession disks, Here is an example of CUE file contents that created for a multisession disk with 2 sessions :

    FILE "CD.bin" BINARY


    REM SESSION 01 ; Not supported by other applications (*)
    TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    REM MSF: 00:00:00 = LBA: 0
    TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 00 00:04:00
    REM MSF: 00:04:00 = LBA: 300
    INDEX 01 00:06:02
    REM MSF: 00:06:02 = LBA: 300

    REM RUN-OUT 00:10:02 ; Not supported by other applications (*)
    REM LEAD-OUT 00:10:04 ; Not supported by other applications (*)
    REM SESSION 02 ; Not supported by other applications (*)
    TRACK 03 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 02:42:04
    REM MSF: 02:42:04 = LBA: 12154

    REM (*) SESSION directives are unfortunately not properly supported
    REM 'out there'. IsoBuster however supports them !

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    IOW, yeah, ISOBuster *IS* creating a custom modification of the format. I wonder if it is to make the .CUEs proprietary, or if it actually contains legitimate info that other programs do not actually find?

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    what i remember, word REM was used in a *.bat for marking comments/notes of author....REM=REMARK and what is behind this word is only information for isobuster. So u can delete these lines. But its only my opinion.

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    ISOBuster puts REM to keep its *.CUE files compatible with other applications but ISOBuster use the keywords behind REMs.
    other applications like DT already can use ISOBuster *.CUE files but ignore the words behind REM and just can see tracks contained in the coresponding image nor sessions, ISOBuster can see and use sessions also (with the help of these new directives) .

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    Maybe someone can write a plugin for that functionality after DT Pro came out. In my opinion it would make more sense to solve this "problem" via plugin since Isobuster doesnt stick 100% to the specifications (with this behaviour) and therefore everyone could decide for himself if he wants to add support for cue multisessions or not.
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    And it would also allow for end users to *test* these multi-session discs to see if the REM'd out statements are pertinent to using the image in a normal way or not in the first place.

    After all, if it is *pure* information only for ISO buster and affects in no way the functionality of the image, then having said plugin would be beneficial to very few people, other than purists.

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    Default ...

    johngalt, that information does affect the image. It reminds me of .CCD format.
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    See, I didn't want to make the correlation, but in the back of my mind was the idea of such an image - like the 4 separate files associated with CCD.

    I wasn't sure, as I don't use ISObuster anymore, and never created an image via it in the first place. I have Nero and ISORecorder - and that is enough for me.

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