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Thread: News :-S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilegalec
    Dear LocutusofBorg,

    I am asking for just one favor:

    Can you please define "soon"? :wink:

    Regards, Ilegalec are becoming nasty.. :evil:

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    Dear Locutus,

    please don't get angry.

    I typed the green smile after mentioning rumours again,
    and my question doesn't seem to me related to the betatesting.

    Anyway, I understand you prefer not to comment about such a matter.


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    Starforce Nightmare team may be release a vary interested program soon. But after Daemon Tools 4.0 :P

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    ok guys, I'm not angry - and now we all stop spamming into this thread, please. This thread is for discussion of the news IF we release news.
    It's NOT for StarForce discussion, nor StarForce Nightmare or whatever.
    Please avoid such rumour-discussion - we know that most of you eagerly await
    V4 - you waited for such a long time, it should not be a problem to wait a little
    bit longer without further annoying rumour-discussion. We're mostly adults here
    and not kiddies....

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    it's better to wait a while and get a good working version then to get a crappy one fast.

    if only the gamedevelopers would do it this way

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    So....... Back on topic..

    How is the progress going? Half way? Only a bit?

    Just a 'general' idea would be cool, that's not against any... uhhm..... rules is it?

    News in maybe a week, or..... ?

    Cheers 8)
    Keep at it guys!

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    Default Actually

    Actually Raa, LocutusofBorg asked everyone NOT to post here on this thread until after a new "News Post' is made in the Announcements forum. Just read this . Looking at the date/time on that post means that everyone was given news/updates regarding DAEMON Tools on August 16th 2005 at 2am (GMT). This is very recent news and I hope no one feels that they've been left abandoned without an update! I'm going to plead with my fellow forum users as well, please wait until the next announcement before posting replies.
    the modern world:
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    Default to the end of 08/2005

    to the end of 08/2005 and no more news......... :cry:
    no release......... :cry: :cry::cry: :cry: :cry:
    return to job.............:cry: :cry:

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    Default No news

    They need a holidays.

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    long time passed,we all expect a news update :?

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