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Thread: News :-S

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    Default no news go news ??? or bad news

    any news ????

    on progress like : all bug fixed / beta test in last phase /buy by valve for release date :oops: :lol: :mrgreen:

    sorry.... :wink:

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    Good Stuff!

    I can't wait. I sure hope the next news will be "We're releasing the software today!"

    If it isn't...... I'll be upset!

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    Just want to tell the Support team...

    Can DT 4 solve the problem of SF 3.5.1 ??

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    yes, DT4 wil be able to override StarForce

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    It's not the low digit version change you should be worried about it's the high one, for example x.y.z z=minor change or blacklist addition, y=improvement, x=complete version change.

    And for f**ks sake, all you imps out there stop bitchin', locust was kind enough to give us a "landmark" so until the landmark date expires let's try not to interfere with their work time anymore with these stupid questions.
    The last of the best, the death of the rest. Hitman Forever...

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    Oops! So sorry I misread the name, no disrespect to LocutusOfBorg.
    I'm gonna get flamed :mrgreen:
    The last of the best, the death of the rest. Hitman Forever...

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    Default Great news

    I for one was very excited to see the latest news.
    Even if the desire for a quality release pushes it back to December, the idea the we may have a 64-bit compatible version of DT this year is enough to start looking into running Win64 again.

    Great job dev team.
    Your relentless efforts are greatly appreciated by at least a few people out here.


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    Default Ironic

    I was actually referring to the September 21 Update. It was purely coincidence that Locutus posted that registration is open again.

    which seems odd to me since they were only closed for about a day, but if the devs are feeling merciful - that's their business.


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    Closed for 1 day, but now it's the waiting/testing time for close the forum every time(no more public forum).

    The idiots already exist EVER, idiots, kids(really kids wanting to play latest games). The idiots down the boat, the rest of the people say TITANIC!.

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