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Thread: News :-S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raa
    And Nemerov: what on earth is with those zombies? lol!
    Oh, they occasionally come back from the dead to visit the DT forums. However, a deamon isn't necessarily evil and demonic, as it can also be something friendly like an Unix deamon or an undead zombie. So they might fit to Daemon Tools.
    Quote Originally Posted by ,jACkdA\W
    just one more, please: Nemerov, if you didn't already exist somebody had to invent you :P
    Thanks! Wait, doesn't a zombie also live in a sort of collective, just like a borg drone? In this context, would it be a hellish collective, not led by a bord queen but by the devil himself?
    The Boardzombie's website.

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    Well.... Good to see a post about the release of DT4..... We knew that was coming though :-)

    Hope that bug fix goes well, did anyone find out what the bug was (point me to the thread, if one exists).

    Oh and no deleting this thread, its about NEWS, not.... deletable stuff! hehehe :P

    Hurry hurry.... I dunno if I can last 2 weeks - kidding!

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