Now, I'm proud to tell you it IS finnished in most parts, and it will be
beta-tested soon, so stay tuned! We will inform you about progress
from now on more frequently.

Yeah right! :wink:

It's almost 2 months ago since they said that..
and still no update :-S
it's very VERY annoying to keep waiting for something..
for some news for version 4.0

just inform us how the progress it that hard?
if you guys say that you have done nothing the last two months than it's
alright too.. just give us some news, don't let us wait for nothing!

it's very irritating to hear that you guys say that it's finished in most parts..
and that you will inform us more frequently and 2 months later still nothing..

hope you guys can give me an answer..

I know that you think it's very annoying that we all ask for updates..
but if you give it more frequently then we don't ask for it...
so it's actually your fault that we are asking for news..
because you guys just don't give us while you guys say you will..