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Thread: Does ReWasd work on DEstiny 2 for pc

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    Default Does ReWasd work on DEstiny 2 for pc

    jsut wondering if anyone can confirm if it works on Destiny 2 for pc

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    Yeah, it should work. The trial version of the reWASD is available to testing free with all functionality. You also may try
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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    Hello. I can confirm that it does work perfectly and it's fantastic. I have an amazing setup where you can change the stick sensitivity to 10 when normal looking, but make it much less sensitive when aiming down sights. This means you can do mouse type flexibility and fast sharp movements when running and walking, but nice and slow for aiming. I'm using jumper gamepad setup in game, and have swapped run and left bumper in REWASD. This means you can jump using the left thumbstick, which is sooo much better, and you don't do that annoying mistakenly press run when ADS and getting killed. Add me on battlenet EU if you want and I'll tell you how to set it up. SHRIKE#22498.

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    Hello! Yes, changing the sensitivity for aiming is a great thing to add to your config great that you have found this option in reWASD.

    By the way, we would be happy to see your config in our Community. Just press the tiny "share" icon near config name, and all our community will see it


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