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Thread: Virtual Controllers cant be removed

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    Default Virtual Controllers cant be removed


    There is serious problem with this Software. I have Only 2 controllers connected. But there was a time i had 4. Since i have 2 controllers i removed 2 old "Virtual Xbox360" from Control Panel: see Pic but every time i reboot PC those 2 old virtual controllers that I removed appear again in Control Panel and because of that my connected controllers don't work. So i have to remove Virtual Profiles for controllers that are not connected evertime.

    I recorded video. Watch till the end:

    help and fix.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience, this issue is known and will be fixed in the next release. Right now, it is better to turn remap off before you unplug the physical controller. Once the remap for the controller is off, the virtual one will be removed safely.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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    Hey there!

    Yesterday, we released reWASD 4.0.1 with several important fixes, and this issue is fixed too. You are welcome to update and try.

    Full list of fixed issues is here.


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