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Thread: Setup question for auto crouch when running, destiny 2.

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    Default Setup question for auto crouch when running, destiny 2.


    I am trying to set up a system so that when I am running in destiny 2 on pc using the gamepad (by holding the left stick up and pressing the left stick to run) that when I aim, using the left trigger, that the crouch button (B) is pressed, so that I go into a slide.

    I have sort of got this working using the combo function, so that when I hold the stick upwards and press aim, it fires b, meaning that I crouch. This works for running, but it also applies when walking, and I want it only to work when running.

    I need some way for REWASD to realise that I am running so that the extra crouch button is only pressed when I am running. I can see that this would work if running was not a toggle, so if it was hold to run, it could be a shift modifier, but I use run as a toggle, which only stops when up is released on the left stick. Can you please advice?


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    Sorry for my late reply.

    Seems there is a way to do it, but as for I'm not quite familiar with Destiny 2 controls, I would ask you to try the following:
    1. Go to Shift 1 and choose Left click as a Shift modifier. Check "Toggle" option inside the shift too.
    2. Add a hold until release combo with Left Trigger + B to your trigger and Unmap it.
    3. Hide your physical controller after the Apply.

    Here is the config you should get:
    Click image for larger version

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    Hope it will help!


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