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Thread: Virtual 360 controller stuck as Player 2

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    Deleted EE.cfg; resolution and audio/video settings reset. Still can't move/attack/look with my character with the ReWasd config active though for some reason I can move the mouse cursor with the right thumbstick in menus (they added this to the interface a while ago and is normal). I'm not sure if that was working before we started trying to fix the situation. None of the other buttons seem to do anything still.

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    Did a bit more testing;

    games rewasd virtual 360 controller works with:

    1. Ms. Splosion Man
    2. Prey 2017
    3. Hell Yeah!
    4. Cross Code
    5. Sundered: Eldritch Edition
    6. SteamWorld Dig 2
    7. Inside
    8. Sega Megadrive & Genesis Classics
    9. Wizard of Legend

    games it doesn't
    1. Portal 2
    2. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate
    3. Grim Dawn
    4. Warframe
    5. Mighty Switch Force: Hyperdrive Edition
    6. Shantae Half-Genie Hero(can select Start or Exit, game doesn't respond to inputs after that)
    7. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
    8. Nex Machina
    9. Melody's Escape

    Testing method:
    1.Start with Rewasd config active, see if I can control the game at all
    2. if I can't control the game, turn config off, see that controller works normally

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    Thank you very much for your immense testing. We will do more testing from our side too in order to understand why Warframe is OK on our computers and do not detect the virtual controller on your machine. By the way, same with Portal 2 — we tested it before and got better results.

    Could I ask you to send me your msinfo so we will try to reproduce the same on our side? Type msinfo in Search line of the task bar, and in the window that will be opened choose File -> Save. And send this file here, to private messages or to

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    Sent my .nfo file to't sure how to send an attachment in PMs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatallista View Post
    Sent my .nfo file to't sure how to send an attachment in PMs).
    Got it, thank you.

    Please send me one more thing: the screenshot of your connected devices from "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers".

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    Quick addition; I removed the 4th device on the list(the faded out Controller) and while I had to re-pair my xbox one controller to the wireless adapter, it didn't seem to fix anything. Except that the removed entry didn't reappear. Also when a ReWasd config is active I do see an additional controller icon that says "Virtual Xbox 360 for reWASD", just to clarify.

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    Thank you for the screen and info. Yes, seems that everything should be OK.
    There's only one thing that comes to mind: you have the out-dated Windows 10 version. The current active version is 1809 ( Maybe, with system update and reboot after applysing the virtual controller in reWASD, other games will also see this device.

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