So I can't seem to get the virtual controller to work as anything but player 2.

So far all I've tried to do is set x and R trigger to rapid fire, which sets up a virtual controller. If I set it to hide physical Xbox One controller (connected via wireless adapter) I get no input in whatever game I'm playing unless the game supports same screen co-op and then it only works as player 2. I've tried setting the virtual 360 controller to the default device in the "setup usb game controllers" control panel, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. I have a logitech G13 gameboard hooked up with the G13 joystick disabled(as it grabbed priority in some games) so that shouldn't be affecting things. I've tried running ReWasd in administrator and that's made no difference.

Running on Windows 10 Pro.

Wish I could get this to work.