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Thread: CloneCD or Alcohol 120%

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    Default BlindWrite!

    CloneCD recently let me down, and I discoverd BlindWrite.

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    I use many, but voted for Alcohol 120%. Depends on what im doing really. I prefer Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite however based on experience from use. I have gotten top quality results from Alcohol 120% and Blindwrite.

    Used to love CloneCD but I think its' days have been numbered.

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    Default alcohol 120%

    it has a lot more options then clone cd or blindwrite and work well with DT

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    alcohol has a virtual image drive as well. in what ways is daemon tools better?

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    Actually, I use Alcohol 120, Clone CD, and Blindwrite. What I do is I create images of my games and load them to DT so that I don't have to keep swaping cd's every time I want to play a diff. game. And so for most of my games, I use Alcohol 120, however when backing up my EA games that do cd checks, Alcohol falls short. That's when I use the latest version of Clone CD and use the "Protected PC Game" setting and create an image this way. It works perfectly fine. And I can load my images even though the games do a cd check, it reads fine loading from DT and I put away my original cd's so that they're never scratched. =) Oh, and lastly, when both Alcohol and Clone CD don't work, i use Blindwrite, and that works for sure.

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    Alcohol or Nero... It all depends on what to burn.... Some cases make Alcohol better and the opposite...

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    For pure PC game backup, I would say Alcohol is top.

    Far all purpose burning, Nero is way better. With Nero, you can for example take a bunch of MP3, add them and Nero will convert them to .wav on the fly while loading (As long as your CD project is audio CD). Then, just burn and enjoy you new audio CD. Try this with alcohol. The list of possibility with the Full Nero suite package is awesome in both the audio and video department

    When a backup copy fails with alcohol or to extract true ISO image from any type of media, then use BlindWrite.

    I think that clone CD is obsolete, but maybe useful in rare instances.


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    Alcohol dont have much choice in the matter but it suits all my needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CD_TOASTER
    alcohol has a virtual image drive as well. in what ways is daemon tools better?
    iirc, they're the same thing. alcohol licensed technology from the daemon-tools team. There might be small differences, but nothing big

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    Alcohol 120 because it has all that I need to make backups and images from my media and that way they last for as long as I live in perfect condition.

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