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Thread: weird uninstall problem

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    Default weird uninstall problem

    Operating System: WIN XP SP1
    Burning Software: NERO
    Anti-virus Software: Avast! Antivirus Home Edition
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    Tried uninstalling D-Tools after something went wrong and now I'm stuck with a half-uninstalled program. I rebooted after the initial uninstall but it was still there. Now I can start D-Tools, re-install OR uninstall. I read the post on uninstalling in the "most common problems section" and followed Step 3 and 4. However, at step 4 when trying to delete the registry key "d347prt", it just says "error while deleting key" and refuse to delete it. I then went inside the d347prt key directory and deleted all the files inside except for one that says "Default" with type "REG_SZ" and data "(value not set)". This one gives the "error deleting values". any ideas?

    I'm not one to ask for help and expect to be spoonfed but I'm completely stumped on this one. I didn't follow Step 1 or 2 because I wasn't too sure at what I was looking at.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Check registry permissions for those keys with regedt32 and ensure you've full access.
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    Yes I have. Still can't delete it. Same problem. any other ideas?

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    I was just thinking, would it help if I rename the file?

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    Figured it out after wrestling 2 hours with it! I jusr needed to restart after changing permissions. It deleted beautifully afterwards

    thanks for the pointer Copytrooper


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