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Thread: Nascar racing 2003

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    Anybody ever get to the bottom of this? Or is NR2003 just not possible to emulate with a virtual cd? Thanks for any further info.

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    I've tried with both Alcohol 120, CloneCD and D-tools 3.29 and got the same thing you guys have. It acts like it's starting and then nothing. Hopefully someone can figure it out.

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    *** bump ***
    Has anyone come up with a solution to this problem ??

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    It's most likely new blacklist. We are working on it.

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    It's the same with Aquanox 2 Revelation v2.148. It runs from the original CD-ROM, it runs from a RMPS-CDR, but it doesn't run from any image. Neither mounted in Alcohol (build 114) nor Daemon-Tools (3.29). So just be patient until the next version of DT arrives, and then have a look at it again...

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    Finally got NASCAR RAcing 2003 working with D Tools 3.29. I didn't figure it out but I thought I would share it here. Big thanks to the person who did get it working.

    Create an image using BlindWrite
    (make sure to create a BWT type of image, the latest Daemon Tools supports
    this type)
    -Once the image has been created, it will ask if you want to create a BWA
    file, do so. (for the speed it has be suggested not to use the max speed, I
    used 24x)
    -Save the BWA file (it will automatically put it in the same folder as the
    image created above)
    -Launch Daemon Tools (make sure to download the latest vesion
    -Mount the BWT image

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    :oops: followed steps twice and still will not work from image, works fine from backup cd

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    :cry: Still keeping my fingers crossed. Hope someone finds a solution soon.


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    This blacklist should be fixed in next version of daemon tools. Please be patient

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    I have successfully copied NR2K3. Here's a tutorial for making a working backup.

    Backup Tutorial

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