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Thread: d-tools not in programs

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    Default d-tools not in programs

    all help info says to go to controll panel>add/remove programs to delete the entire program. when I do ths it's not there. I do however have a desktop icon and in My Computer>local disc C >program files>D-tools it shows that there are two files: daemon.exe and PFCTOC.DLL , will deleting these get rid of daemon tools entirerly?
    PS> My install went horribly completly freaked. I tried to write down all the error messages, but there were so many & it all happened so fast,my wrist got sore and I spilled ma drink. after several automatic reboots things seem allright now, but when I click the dt icon it says "error-no language support detected" hence my desire to delete & retry. cheers

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    In order to remove Daemon Tools manually check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum, you can delete the entire installation folder in program files directory, too.
    Regarding the crash/reboot check if you've minidump related to it (in Windows\Minidump folder), send newest file to with reference to this thread (unpacked or RAR-packed only, NOT zip'ed!).
    And please post in the correct forum.
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