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Thread: Possible BSOD conflict between BlindWrite and Daemon-Tools?

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    Default Possible BSOD conflict between BlindWrite and Daemon-Tools?

    Something on one of my systems is interfering with Daemon-Tools 3.29. Every time, without fail, I try to install v3.29 my machine blue screens with this error:
    *** STOP: 0x00000026 (0x000401F0, 0xF403BA24, 0xF403B67C, 0xF3268F73)
    *** Address F3268F73 base at F3268000, DateStamp 3814ae48 - Cdfs.sys
    I know it's not Daemon-Tools' fault because it works happily on two other machines also running Win2K SP2. Something on that one specific machine is causing problems, and I think it might be BlindWrite.

    I've searched the forums but can only find one topic in the German Language section - - I can't read German, I'm afraid. I tried using Babelfish but the English it produces is almost as hard to read as the original post.

    That German post mentioned BlindWrite, but I couldn't work out if it was saying that BlindWrite caused problems or that it didn't cause problems. On a hunch I removed BlindWrite while in Safe Mode and rebooted the machine. This time the PC booted happily with no BSOD and Daemon-Tools v3.29 works once more. I didn't even have to uninstall/reinstall Daemon-Tools. The version of BlindWrite I was using is v4.2.8b.

    Is there a known conflict between BlindWrite and Daemon-Tools? Was I merely unlucky? What about BlindWrite could interfere with Daemon-Tools and cause this problem?

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    Try to uninstall Blindwrite, and if it works then, try to install Blindwrite 4.2.9.
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