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Thread: The best of the best and a few good reasons..

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    Default The best of the best and a few good reasons..

    Hello everyone first of all id like to complement everything Ive seen so far as its pretty

    Nice however theres just one thing I was wondering about this program what are some of

    The greatest reasons for downloading this program and what are its rivals if it has any also

    What is the best program like this of its class the reason I ask this is because I am trying to

    Find the best program out there actually more like best programs out there I wish to obtain

    Them all and with some info I might add in some of the greatest reasons to obtain these

    Products and most likely become a hardcore future fan of the programs to some it may

    Sound strange but I was lookn around as you all know backn up cds now a days is very

    Popular and I am on a mission to find the best programs out there thank you all for your

    time and help and reading this because I bet it looks like crap since I dont have my glasses on but hey its 2am in the morning what do ya want from me? loll

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    the best way to backup your stuff is to use a combination of Alcohol 120% to rip images of your games and daemon tools to mount those images. Period. There is abosolutely no alternative to daemon tools that works as efficiently as DT.


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