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Thread: DT Pro

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    I just want to say that I just bought DT for two reasons:
    1) To support the developers that have done this essential/wonderful software;
    2) To get the Pro version and be able to play my backups of these nasty starforce games!


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    Paid for this great app a couple of days ago, it cost me a bit over $22.00 australian dollars and i would of been prepared to pay twice as much for such a fine piece of software.

    For people wondering about going through share-it(and i know alot of people will only deal with paypal),i have an account with paypal myself.

    Share-it are very professional people to deal with, you just open the box to choose your currency fill your details and credit card number and your done.

    You will get an instant email from them with your order number and what will dispay on your bank statement.
    Then an hour later you will receive another email with an attachment in pdf format of your payment for DT4.

    So all you paypal people fear not they are great to deal with

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    sorry, it means Daemon Tools Pro. (dtp).
    Then if Alchohol integrate DTPro, we can support DT Project if we buy Alcohol instead of DTPro or you prefer that we buy directly DTPro?.

    Well, then the both version (x32 and x64) for the same license?.


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    Anybody have any idea approximately how much DT Pro will cost?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almighty1
    Anybody have any idea approximately how much DT Pro will cost?.
    There are threads about this, try use the search function and you will find them.

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    Daumen hoch Great Job guys

    Registered! Does anyone know how long it takes to get access to the Registered users forum?

    btw: Excellent product! I have been using DT since the early 3.XX and v4 does everything and even more.

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    Usually within 48hrs.
    Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!

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    If i purchase the current version of DT i will get DT pro when it is released?
    I am sure the answer to this question is written somewere, but i did not browse the whole topic.

    Also i would like to know if there is a pay on delivery method. I have to mail in the cash, because my current bank does not support online payment and this method takes a lot of time. (should really change it)

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    I'd be very happy to support the DT team in buying a pro licence, but the time being, none of the starforce protected game backup CD images I have tried to run on my computer (an asus v6va20 laptop) will work... (obviously can't unplug the embedded ide dvdrom drive)

    if i am giving out some money to a dev team such as DT, i want to be sure I will get a working and useful program in return. fair enough, isn't it ?

    hope DTpro gets to be released soon

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    Great software deserves to be bought!
    So I just bought Daemon Tools, and now Iґm sitting here waiting for access to the customer forum!

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