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Thread: problems with installation

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    Default problems with installation

    Operating System: windows xp
    Burning Software: nero
    Anti-virus Software: norton 2004
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    i uninstalled daemon and i cant install it again. I tried everything i read in thread for common problems. i think i erased the drivers.But i still get a message
    ( cannot create the directory
    C\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\(3DED...............) A file with this name already exists. Please rename it or remove the file and click retry or click cancel to exit.)

    One simple help i need if anyone knows. Where is this file?

    I will be very thankful if i recieve an answer, i tried many nights to fix the problem and it makes me crazy.

    Thanks a lot for your attention

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    Remove the directory C\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\(3DED...............) and all files in it before reinstalling.

    Google for "explorer show system files" if you can't see it in Explorer or use the command line.

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    Man i am so thanksful to you. you saved my a..

    you must come in greek islands to buy you some cold greek beers
    thanks a lot


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