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    First of all, thank you for your job.

    Second, I'm having a demand :

    Will be there a possibility mounting cyphered images of CDs or DVDs?

    I'm explaining :

    D-tools should be cyphering an iso image in DES, 3DES or AES with a passcode
    given by a user, or this task should be made by an external utility.

    at mounting time, user must give the passcode to mount the iso image and
    d-tools will decyphering image once before mounting or will mount the cyphered image and will decypher 'on the fly'.

    With this functunality, admin should install iso images on HD of open PCs without risks, and will mount images on demands for single use.

    Perhaps this idea should be a 'false good idea'.

    I'm waiting your comments.

    Thank you.

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    this idea is already in our to-do list for one of the next versions
    it is planned as plugin, I already started development

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    I'm sorry to be so late to read your answer.

    Thank you for your reply, i'm waiting the next version

    thank you once more.


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