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    Default Don't know how to copy...

    I want to backup Red Alert 2 and the image is fine, but when I burn it, it doesn't work. Do I have to turn emulations options on to burn this image?

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    Depends. It's SafeDisc 2, so there are several possibilities.

    #1: You have a burner that supports correct EFM encoding (look here, it gotta have two sheep) - then most likely you've done something wrong. You'll have to DISable Bypass EFM Error when burning in Alcohol.

    #2: You have a burner that partially supports EFM encoding (same list, one sheep);
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    ENable Bypass EFM Error in Alcohol and it should work.

    #3: You have a burner that doesn't support EFM encoding (same list, no sheep);
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    you can TRY enabling Bypass EFM Error in Alcohol, however it's likely that it won't work. Then you'll have to enable SafeDisc Emulation in Daemon-Tools or Alcohol.


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    In case #3 you should re-create the image using Daemon Tools fast dump feature (see manual -> usage -> fast dump);
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    write the image to cd-r and play with enabled SafeDisc emulation - will work for sure!
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