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Thread: Daemon doesn't work on my PC.

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    Default Daemon doesn't work on my PC.

    I installed Daemon 3.29 and when it reaches 99% and was creating icons, it gets very slow. I waited for long and cancelled installation process, then I restarted my PC. Even I restart my PC, it's very slow. "services.exe" is using 99% of CPU. Even I restart my PC in sfe mode, it's slow again. I had to make system restore. Before I installed Alcohol 120% and same problem happened! (In Alcohol 120% it is installed OK and when I launch it 1st time, it made my PC very slow and services.exe used 99% of CPU...) Please tell me what is wrong?

    My system is:
    - Pentium 4 w/ 256 mb ram
    - Nvidia Geforce2 32mb ram
    - Creative Vibra 128 Sound card
    - Acer 16/10/40 CD-RW
    - Asus 50x CD-Rom
    Programs are:
    - Windows XP Professional Build 2600, no SPs
    - Nero 5.5.10
    - Virtual CD 4.51
    - Norton Antivirus 2003 Professional
    - Norton Utilities 2002
    - NTI CD-Maker Platinum 6
    - Feurio, NeroVision, NeroMix,
    - Easy CD-Creator
    - .................. (no Roxio)
    - CPU Cool 5.9
    - Cursor XP

    Please let me know if you need more details.
    Thank you.

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    I installed Easy CD-Creator 2 that I don't use. Does it cause any problems?
    Other burning programs are:
    - Ashampoo MP3 CD Maker 2
    - Clone-CD 4.2

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    Yes, it says in the read me file when you install it that there are issues with these older version of Easy CD Creator. The new version 6 should be ok. Otherwise I recommend purchasing Nero

    Version 2 of Easy CD is not compatible with XP as well*


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