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Thread: Emulate CDR... Reason to do so - Contrary to the FAQ

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    Default Emulate CDR... Reason to do so - Contrary to the FAQ

    I am interested in finding out if it would be possible to emulate some generic CDR drive. First, let me say that I did read the FAQ, and I know that this is talked about, and wasn't considered useful, but I have a reason:

    I have a program, that burns audio CDs from proprietary audio files [audio books]. I like to listen to these audio files as MP3s in my car, so currently, I have to burn dozens of CDRs, and then subsequently rip them to MP3s. I can use CDRWs, which saves wasted disks, but it also typically takes longer.

    What I'd love to see, would be a driver that will LOOK like a CDR drive to the system, so that it could be selected in any burning program, and build an image file (or .WAV/.MP3 files, in the case of a redbook audio disk) directly, to save me from having to burn these intermediate disks.

    Any comments? Anyone have another solution to my situation? Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thanks for a GREAT program already - Please dont think I'm not being appreciative!!!!


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    Create a image with your burn software, for example Nero have this option, later emulate it in Daemon Tools and rip if you prefer.


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    Default Why that wont work

    That's my point - I'm not using any burn software that has the option of making an image... I'm using software that burns an audio cd directly, and has no option for making an image. Currently, what I do, is after the disk is burned, I rip to MP3, and write it as a data disk, so I get 10+ cds on one data disk, but I'd like to avoid the intermediate step of burning to the physical CD in the first place...


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    I still don't see your point. You're looking for a SOFT that lets you do certain things ...

    Why not use Nero (or similar) to accomplish your tasks? It's nothing but a SOFT that helps you do things, just as the SOFT you're looking for!
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    That doesn't work with Nero's Image Recorder?
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    Sorry - I must not be explaining this clearly.. I am using a third party software program [An Audio book library] that has INTEGRATED cd writing software, which looks for a CDRW drive. This software has no option for "burning" images, and ONLY will let me burn real CDs. What I want to do, is to have a separate software package [daemon?] that will LOOK LIKE a cd burner, so that my application will THINK it is writing a disk, when in fact it is using Daemon (or whatever I find) to write a virtual CD, which will then be able to be archived directly without having to burn, and then subsequently rip dozens of physical audio CDs.

    I think I have found something that will do it -( but I'm not positive yet.. I'm going to test it right after I post this reply.

    Thanks for taking the time to try to understand..


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    You may want to have a look at Virtual CD v7 too...

    From what I know, Daemon Tools will probably never have CD writing capabilities. That's just out of its scope. DT's purpose is to be a backup tool, for using - and in case of the future DT Pro, creating - images of already existent CDs. CD mastering is a wholly different thing which Daemon Tools was never intended.
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