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Thread: Need help mounting Far Cry

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    Default Need help mounting Far Cry

    Operating System: XP Pro
    Burning Software: Alcohol 120%
    Anti-virus Software: McAfee Internet Security
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    Hi, I am having trouble mounting a image of Far Cry ( U.S version) (1st CD-The play disk) into daemon tools. I made the image of Far Cry using Alcohol 120%.When I mount it my screen flickers and then nothing happens. Before making the image I installed the game normally. Any help will be greatly appreciated


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    Default screen flickers after mounting

    When the screen flickers after mounting, is that because of Far Cry being/executed loaded due to autorun? Does the same screen flicker happen if you load Far Cry via the Start Menu icon?

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    After some searching around I found out it was my Video drives causing the problem.

    Thanks for your quick Respond

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    Default yes had same prob

    yes chris i had the same hassle with my vid drivers i got a g-force Vid card and had new drivers and i found out i had to download old driver for the game to work right strange as i would have thought new drivers would have worked better "but" nope not the case :roll: 8) 8) i am Farcry mad i love the game , just can't wait for the New instints to come out Good old jack 8) 8)
    :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil:

    have a look at the new one awsome download the vid and have alook :lol: have fun


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