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Thread: how to open bwi/bwt files???

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    Default how to open bwi/bwt files???

    Pls can some1 help me
    i can not open some bwi/bwt files.

    Can u suggest me a free working programme?
    And how to use it.

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    Default cannot open blindwrite files ( .bwi , .bwt )

    You posted in the wrong forum.

    Did you recently create the images that don't work and did you move them from the original folder, drive letter, or partition where they were originally saved?

    What version of BlindWrite were the images created in?

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    NO my friend made the backup at
    his pc and gave it to me.

    NOw the original is broken and i cant use

    Hm now i will try blindwrite from ur link hope
    it working.

    i will ask u again if it doesnt work.

    Now at the wrong forum i read somewhere that
    d-tools can open bwi files :P

    Now my english s**k and maybe i understood it wrong.

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    Default clarification

    I didn't mean don't post here on the DAEMON Tools forums, you simply posted in the 'Daemon Tools Suggestions!' category instead of the 'Daemon Tools SUPPORT', 'Burning Software', or 'General Copy Discussion' DAEMON Tools sub-forums.


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