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Thread: News Update

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    Default News Update

    I would be fully satisfied if the news is updated once in two weeks showing the progress of the development. I don't know whether this is a harsh request.

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    at least it is planned to update the new more frequently

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    More than 2 weeks has passed since the last announcement.
    Is there any plan to update it these recent days?

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    yes, in the next 5 days

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    Thanks an update would be much appreciated :oops:

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    Default WAITING TIME

    I dont know what takes such time, but the games are getting old and i would like to play them, just asking cuz i know some poeple who know some people who wants to play some games.



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    so we don't talk about YOU in that case? why you're in a hurry then?
    Or was it your intention to tell us that we are lame-asses and after all
    the things you did for us, we can at least kick our asses and try to
    release some piece of shit and keep the bugs and all the other trouble
    for our customers later? :mrgreen:

    btw: in the meantime, you could also use your original-disks, can't you

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    First post, so I'm probably overstepping my bounds. Oh well.

    For everyone that might not have looked at the next major release of DT from the perspective of LocutusofBorg. DT is free for individual usage. Thats right; it does not cost us a dime. Sure, we could all do the right thing and REGISTER (that thing where you actually pay money and become a customer) and then we (or at least I) could feel some sort of justification in requesting status on release dates. But, I have not registered, I should have, but I have not, so I understand and wait patiently. Maybe thats because I write software for a living and I can understand to a certain extent. There is nothing like a client on your butt about release dates, trying to cut your dev cycle and scope creeping all the while. Now I can relate to this, its stressful and counter-productive. But what if I was giving it away. What if I was just giving it away for free? How would I feel if I was constantly being harassed by indignant freeloaders of my software who thought I was taking too long in dev, or I was not giving status updates enough? Heh, there are plenty of colorful words that come to mind.

    But I digress. DT does not have to be free. Be thankful it is. Lets all learn some manners. If you just cannot wait to play that next new game, go and harass your Mom for it, her love is unconditional. Harassing someone developing freeware is only going to make them regret its free.

    To the DT team: thanks for delivering such a great product all these years.

    Long time moocher,
    -Microsoft Bob

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    Thanks for your words. No worries, you didn't overstep any bounds, you didn't even come close to it.

    It helps to see that some people actually understand and don't keep wanting more no matter how much you give them. I just help in the forum and beta test, but I do it for free too and I'm happy to see that this kind of volunteer work is appreciated by some.
    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg
    yes, in the next 5 days
    Now the deadline arrived,we are looking forward to the new announcement

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